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Buffalo Taxi - Airport Taxi to Niagara Falls NY and Niagara Falls Canada.

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Contact UsBuffalo Express Taxi and Airport Service is a well Rated Taxi service in Buffalo NY which provide a fast and reliable taxi service in western New York by providing a cheap price taxi fare to assist the communities. We are working hard to expand the service so the Buffalo community will be able to use the taxi whenever they need it. We need the communities support in our success in improving the quality of our service. 

​Taking a vacation can be stressful - waiting for hours for everyone to board before you can finally take off, excessive baggage fees, not to mention buying a ticket for each member of the family. We’re not talking about the airlines, we’re talking about taking a shuttle to the airport!

Buffalo Express Taxi  is the most convenient and cost effective  transportation to and from the airport. Unlike the shuttle services who charge for each person, up to FOUR passengers can ride in an Express Taxi for the price of ONE! We pick you up and take you directly to your destination- no car pooling around town to pick up other passengers like the shuttles. And luggage fees? Forget it! We don’t charge for extra bags, heavy bags, or any bags at all!.

It is our goal to provide passengers with the best taxi service in the Greater Buffalo Area. You can order Express taxi service online quickly and conveniently using our On Demand Booking System for immediate and pre-scheduled pickups. 

If you need assistance completing your online taxi order service, please call 716-809-8009 to speak with a customer service representative.

ontact our Lost and Found department at 716-809-8009 

What To Do

If you contact us by email, in addition to a description of the missing item, please provide the following information:

Your name
A phone number and/or email address where we can contact you
The date and time that the item may have been left in our cab
The cab number (if known) or the street address from which you were picked up

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